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- Clothes: A red, medieval-ish tunic with a yellow-white Fëanorian star on the chest; a standard-issue Tranquility jumpsuit with matching boots, a tanktop, socks and knickers; a tattered scarf. A pair of green shoes.
- A backpack containing:
* a set of six red-painted tin knight figurines, obviously meant to be children's toys. If he gives them the command súgradh, they will grow to realistic size, voiceless fire-phantoms, who will follow his orders and commands. However, they can only retain this shape for approximately an hour before becoming toys again.
* Two warding stones.
* A music box that plays Frere Jacques.
* Yarn, knitting needles, wool and a stick.
* A small multipurpose knife.
* Three spoons, a fork, a soup ladle, two steak knives, a plastic cup, a plastic bowl and an iron bowl.
* Medical herbs, some modern medicine like painkillers, a small set of medical equipment including suturing needles and thread, bandaids, bandages, antiseptic spray and wipes, and so on.
* One silmaril.
* The nauglamir.
* An enchanted locket, another similar device, a handheld techy communication device and a shard of a Harry-Potter-two-way-mirror. All four communication devices are technically intact but obviously can't connect to their networks. Also a Hadriel-issue communication device.
- A set of daggers from Maglor, another dagger that Rey gave him.
- Two fairies: Sketto, female, about 30cm tall, and Pityo, male, about 20cm tall. They are winged humanoids, can only hold one emotion at once and have the intelligence of an average dog or cat.
- A harp his size.
- A large, rectangular, very sturdy tarp.
- A leakproof and sturdy plastic container to keep water or another liquid in.
- A gun.
- A recurve bow, reinforced with metal, a quiver and arrows to go with it (clearly made by different hands of varying skill).
- A paint by number kit


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Ethnically Eastern European, blond, purple eyes, with a fairly round face for not being very well fed, though he isn't underfed anymore and prefers clothes that make him look heavier than he is. About seven years old in appearance, though fairly short for his age at 1m/3'3". His blond hair is long and carefully braided into always the same hairdo, including many braids that lie tightly against the skin of his head and red and blue pearls. He usually wears a blue tunic with a yellow-white star on the front, a black sci-fi jumpsuit under it, black boots and a belt form which daggers are hanged at his sides. He'll also usually be found with a backpack on his back.


☀ Stealth. Muscovy, most of the time (unless he specifically wants to be noticed) will remain unnaturally hard to notice, so much so that you can only really notice him when he feels a particularly strong emotion or when you look at him directly.
☀ Immortality. Of a kind - he heals at a just somewhat above human rate, but he cannot die and will still walk around with serious injuries. He also won't get sick or catch and infection. While in game, it is also unlikely that he will age in a noticeable manner.
☀ Strength. He has no superstrength, but is significantly stronger than a child his age should be.
☀ Durability. Temperature cannot injure him, though it can feel very uncomfortable. He is also generally more physically and mentally resilient than a human.
☀ Knitting. Pretty professionally even.
☀ Healing.
- extensive knowledge of herbs and techniques for treating injuries and sicknesses in humans/humanoids, animals (primarily horses) and some magical beings
- healing magic: speeding up theoretically possible natural healing processes significantly (like closing a surgical wound or growing together broken bones in under thirty seconds), staving off infections.
- usage of modern medicines and some high-tech instruments
- midwifery (excludes means of pregnancy prevention)
☀ Fighting. With daggers (two-handed), bow and arrows, rifle and pistol. Close to no weaponless fighting skills
☀ Music. He can play the harp at an intermediate level and has a nice singing voice.
☀ Languages. Various medieval East Slavic languages and dialects, some Old Norse and Latin, bits and pieces of some other medieval languages. Sindarin and Noldorin Quenya.
☀ Survival. He'd be able to survive in the wilderness of an arid, cold climate and a very hot, humid jungle climate.


NAME: Muscovy M. Prochainezo (M. stands for Maglorion)

CANON: Axis Powers Hetalia

CANON POINT: During the Tartar Yoke, late 1300s | Eachdraidh, early November 2701 | Ataraxion, two months after the end of the game

AGE: 500-ish, looks to be ~7

Height: ~1m/3'3"

RESIDENCE: First Spiral (1301) with Firo, Shadow, Bianca

Abilities: Healing/Medicine, Fighting (knives/arrows/gun), Knitting, Stealth











NAME: Kira

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