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☀ Muscovy
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☀ [name] Muscovy (Ivan; the nation that will once become Russia)
☀ [age] 500-ish, looks to be 6-8.
☀ [appearance] a boy with ashen blond hair who tends to have a pleasant smile fixed on his face. He wears a tattered scarf and [from the 1/12/2014 onwards] new clothes in a style that is distinctly noble Noldorin Elven, with a Fëanorian star on the chest like this. His hair hasn't been cut since he entered the game in early October.
☀ [court] Seelie
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- The clothes that he arrived in, including a worn scarf.
- a set of six red-painted tin knight figurines, obviously meant to be children's toys! A small note will inform him that should he give them the command súgradh to these soldiers, they will grow to realistic size, voiceless fire-phantoms, who will follow his orders and commands. However, they can only retain this shape for approximately an hour before becoming toys again!
- A new set of clothes and a set of daggers that Maglor gave to him. He's been trained in fighting with the daggers since early December.
- A fairy.
- Two warding stones.
- A bandersnatch coat that is too big for him (inherited from Maglor).
- A harp his size.
- A music box that plays Frere Jacques (inherited from Maglor).
- A bow and arrows to go with it.

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